Réf. : CTS-P
 |  Gamme : Traceability

Principle of operation: Ethernet gateways CTS-P extend the radio network of the CTS 2P RF system by using an existing Ethernet network or created specifically for this installation. Two gateways are required to establish a single point-to-point connection. It is also possible to create a multipoint network ("one to many").

Delivered with :
• Anti-theft wall support: Simple and reliable, Médifroid has developed a proprietary anti-theft system without locks. No unlocking or deterioration of the anti-theft system is possible: the installation is completely secured.
• Power supply 240 VAC
• RJ45 cable, length 2 m
Fixation :
• CTS devices have a variety of mounting options so you can easily carry or attach your mini recorder.
• Magnetic fixing or wall hook (pictured below)
• Anti-theft wall mount (pictured below)
• The CTS-P is guaranteed 1 year parts 

Hauteur mm 116,5 mm
Largeur mm 74,4 mm
Epaisseur 39 mm
Poids 160 g
Commande 1 bouton OK
Communication Ethernet

Ethernet network in 10 BASE-T and 100 BASETX LAN / WAN supporting the TCP / IP protocol


Compatible environnement agroalimentaire Boîtier ABS anti-choc Flancs et bouchons en élastomère

Indice de protection IP 40
Alimentation Sur secteur
Environnement Air et gaz neutres

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