Range : Traceability
Réf : CTS2PRF200

Additional transmitter connected to CTS 2PRF

Allows recording of ambient temperature and humidity

Transmission of data by radio frequency to the base connected to the PC

Temperature and humidity traceability and 24/7 alarm on smartphone

Units displayed °C, °F
Measurement range De -40 à +70 °C
Screen lcd 2 ligneS
Resolution 0.1 °C, 0.1 °F
Alarm thresholds 2 seuils par voies d'enregistrement
Sensor Type PT100
Memory Capacity 20 000 points
Weight 160g
Protection sign IP65
Power supply by battery 1 pile 5,2 AH lithium 3.6V
Type of alarm Visuelle,PC,email
Number of measuring points 2

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