Keep track of the cold: prove your good practice of preserving heat-sensitive products. The automatic real-time temperature recording sensor. To control the temperature 24h / 24h and to justify the good conservation in the cold.

The probe is pre-parameterized and ready for use

• Wireless data transmission via radio frequency (no manipulation)
• Range of 300 m in free field, expandable by the installation of network extender (maximum 2 network extensions per base)
• Temperature measurement in 2 measuring points (2 external channels)
• Minimum threshold interval + 2 ° C, max. Threshold + 8 ° C
• A temperature measurement every 30 minutes
• All factory settings can be modified by the user (temperature setting interval, alert thresholds, etc.)
• Memory of 20,000 temperature measurements
• 24-hour real-time alert on PC and mobile phone (via email transformable into SMS)
• If there is a point temperature anomaly, email forwarding or SMS indicating that the temperatures have returned to normal
• Possibility to attach 100 probes to the same modem (base)
• Has a digital display showing the temperatures and energy level of the battery ...
• Dry contact for alarm reporting on the modem
• IP65
• Compatible with Windows XP SP2 / SP3, Vista, 7
• Lithium battery 3.6 Volt, battery life of 3 years, replaceable without return workshop
• The reference standards used by Médifroid are connected to the national COFRAC calibration chain
• Possibility of calibration (COFRAC)
• The CTS 2P RF package includes: recorder, 2 wired probes, RF modem and software

CONFORME AUX RECOMMANDATIONS DE L’ORDRE DES PHARMACIENS : Enregistre simultanément la température du point le plus chaud et du point le plus froid de votre enceinte réfrigérée. Répond aux exigences de contrôle de qualité et de gestion des risques, des procédures HACCP, de l’accréditation COFRAC et de la certification ISO.

Les données recueillies par la sonde sont opposables. Le CTS 2P RF est adapté à toutes les températures de conservation entre -40° et +70°C.


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