• The cold chain at the top of the mastership
    Hospitals and clinics
    Laboratories for medical analysis
    Dialysis centers
  • Our possibilities
    2500 m2 storage
    Availability of equipment under 72 h

The cold chain at the top of the mastery with Médifroid

Each Medifroid medical refrigerator is built to the most stringent requirement for reliability and robustness

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The Medifroid blood banks are aquipped with very sophisticated control instruments and an intuitive touch screen system

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Médifroid presents various traceability solutions allowing perfect control and a perfect backup of your temperature readings.

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The cold chain never stops! As a result, Médifroid develops insulated pockets and bags

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Médifroid - The medical refrigeration specialist

Since 2000, Médifroid is the partner of pharmacies and hospitals in the organization and respect of the cold chain of thermosensitive medicines.

From reception to storage, from traceability to dispensing, Médifroid offers solutions tailored to your professional environment.

Each appliance in the Medifroid range is built to the most stringent requirements for reliability and robustness.

The positive cold cabinets are characterized by an independent COFRAC accredited body according to the standard NF X 15-140.

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