Range : Isothermal pockets

Because the cold chain does not stop at the door of your dispensary, Médifroid, the specialist in medical refrigeration, has developed for you insulated envelopes suitable for the dispensing of medicines: Médipochettes.

Médipochettes allow the conservation of the thermosensitive products from the pharmacy to the refrigerator of the patient.

The Recommendations of the Council of the Order of Pharmacists stipulate that "The pharmacist must give a form to the patient explaining the specific constraints related to the respect of the cold chain concerning the product delivered".

These constraints are directly printed on the Mediapochettes so that they are automatically delivered to your patients when issuing your thermosensitive health products.

• Isothermal envelope
• Expanded polyethylene foam
• Reusable
• Closing to ZIP

Length mm 200 mm
Width mm 250 mm
Conditioning 300 unités
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