Range : Traceability
Réf : CTS2PRF100

Additional transmitter connected to CTS 2PRF

Lets you record the ambient temperature

Transmission of data by radio frequency to the base connected to the PC

Temperature Tracing and 24/7 Alert on smartphone

Units displayed °C, °F
Measurement range De -40 à +70 °C
Screen lcd 1 ligne
Resolution 0.1 °C, 0.1 °F
Alarm thresholds 2 seuils par voies d'enregistrement
Sensor Type PT100
Memory Capacity 12 000 points
Weight 160g
Protection sign IP65
Power supply by battery 1 pile 5,2 AH lithium 3.6V
Type of alarm Visuelle,PC,email
Number of measuring points 1

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