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Range : Positive temperature
Réf : MFG700TS

The external and internal panels of the Médifroid touch screen refrigerated cabinets are made of stainless steel covered with a non-slip coating, food contact and antibacterial with high resistance to corrosion and scratches. (Tested on Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Klebsellia pneumonia - 99% reduction 2 log)

• Tactile screen electronic control unit
• Temperature recording
• Audible and visual alarm system
• Audible and visual alarm in case of power failure
• Door opening alarm
• Cable entry for 15 mm probe
• PT100 product simulator probe
• Electronic multi-access control lock
• External contacts (RS485 + Ethernet + dry contact)
• Current and voltage sensors
• Safety thermostat
• Dry contact for remote alarms
• Preventive self-diagnostic tests
• Energy-saving Night & Day function
• Internal / External Finish Steel Antibacterial White Coating
• Glass door
• Type of refrigeration: ventilated
• Automatic defrosting with evaporation of condensation water
• Internal lighting: Led Diodes
• Interchangeable shelves / drawers

External Dimensions mm (LxPxH) 720 x 825 x 2050 mm
External Dimensions mm (LxPxH) 600 x 686 x 1505 mm
Capacity L (cuft) 620 L (21,91)
Temperature range 2°C / 15°C
Number of Drawers provided 3
Number Max. Drawers (optional) 14
Pannier (LxPxH) (nb max.) 490x600x150 (6)
Drawer dimensions LxPxH mm 3 mm
Number of shelves provided 4
Number of shelves (option) 8
Shelf dimensions mm 560x560 mm
Insulation thickness (sides / bottom) mm 60 mm
Type of refrigerant gas R404A
Feet/Roulettes/Wheels Pieds (H=130 mm)
Consumption 2,9 kWh/24h
Absorbed potency kW (Amp) 0,37 (2,4)
Sound level en dB 51 dB
Weight (Including packaging) 135 kg

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